Fake OP

What if this comic was an anime? How would an OP look like? Well, like this. I’ve always been wanting to make an animatic and this is the result.

Music: Ranbu no Melody by SID

This video was made for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being made from this video.

Koios & Menos on the Road to El Dorado

Watch Koios, Menos and other WtGR characters playing out scenes of one of my favorite movies The Road To El Dorado in these animatics.

These videos are made for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being made from them.

 Playlist / OST

Curious to the music I listen to while working on this comic or to get the inspiration juices flowing? You can hear it in this little playlist I made.

  1. Sia – Never Give Up
  2. Rameses B – Left Behind
  3. Clint Mansell – Requiem For A Dream (LotR version)
  4. Two Steps From Hell – Strenght of A Thousand Men
  5. Racoon – Oceaan (Ocean)
  6. Two Steps From Hell – To Glory
  7. Ed Sheeran – I See Fire
  8. Linkin’ Park – Somewhere I Belong
  9. Electus – Archangel
  10. Adiemus – Adiemus
  11. Apashe & Sway – I’m A Dragon
  12. Linkin’ Park – Faint
  13. Two Steps From Hell – Hypnotica
  14. Diane Arkenstone – Aquaria
  15. X-Ray Dog – Gothic Power
  16. Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard – Now We Are Free (Gladiator OST)
  17. Di-Rect – Rollercoaster
  18. The Prodigy – Firestarter
  19. A Perfect Circle – Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums
  20. Ludwig Göransson – Ancestral Plane (Black Panther OST)
  21. Daft Punk – Harder Better Fast Stronger (Far Out Remix)